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05-09-2008, 12:06 AM
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Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
Yeah, that shows he's CLUTCH. Not like Lidstrom, Forsberg, Zetterberg, Lundqvist, Alfredsson, Sedins, Ohlund, Holmstrom had nothing to do with that? It was all about Mats showing how clutch he was.

Mats can take his gold medal and retire back to Sweden. He's not a the warrior we need in the middle and he's not welcome here. A proven playoff performer like Forsberg. That's a different story.

It's amazing how Sundin gets put in the same category as the greats like Yzerman, Sakic, Francis, Trottier. He hasn't earned that. He's a level below that caliber of player. He gets elevated by playing in Toronto where he is treated like a god for some reason.

He's essentially Pierre Turgeon all over again. Similar stats, similar non-impact player in the playoffs. So you're asking me do I want a 37-year old Pierre Turgeon clone next season? No thanks.
C'mon man, get over it. Mats Sundin is clutch. He may not be great like Joe Sakic, Stevie Y and those you listed, but he is a damn good hockey player who has almost never had any high caliber line mates to play with. Alex Mogilny was only the shadow of his former self by the time Mats go to play with him. He had a great season, playing with different wingers all the time.

Could you imagine the year this guy could put together if he played with Kovalev, the Kostitsyn's or Higgins? All these guys are a step above anything Toronto presently has to offer him.

I don't know how many times this season I caught a Leafs game, where they we're trailing and who scores with less then a minute to go? Mats Sundin.. They are in OT, who scores? Mats Sundin... They are in a SO, who gets the winner? Mats Sundin.

He is welcome on my team any day of the week, and I hate hearing his name (went to High School with Leafs fans). But I will not ever deny his talent or what he could bring to complete our team.

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