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Originally Posted by lou4gehrig View Post
Yeah, that shows he's CLUTCH. Not like Lidstrom, Forsberg, Zetterberg, Lundqvist, Alfredsson, Sedins, Ohlund, Holmstrom had nothing to do with that? It was all about Mats showing how clutch he was.

Mats can take his gold medal and retire back to Sweden. He's not a the warrior we need in the middle and he's not welcome here. A proven playoff performer like Forsberg. That's a different story.

It's amazing how Sundin gets put in the same category as the greats like Yzerman, Sakic, Francis, Trottier. He hasn't earned that. He's a level below that caliber of player. He gets elevated by playing in Toronto where he is treated like a god for some reason.

He's essentially Pierre Turgeon all over again. Similar stats, similar non-impact player in the playoffs. So you're asking me do I want a 37-year old Pierre Turgeon clone next season? No thanks.
I think anybody here would welcome Sundin before welcoming you.

You can dislike any player you want. Hell, i never liked Gretzky, but i'll never try to argue that he's not what he was.
Sundin is amazing, to argue otherwise is completely stupid.

Turgeon didn't put up the numbers Sundin did at the end of his career.
Sundin average more than a pt/game at 37 in 78GP, thats pretty freaking good. Especially when he does that on such a crappy team like Toronto. That proves that he still has some good years and at 6'5 220, you'd have to be stupid to pass it up.

Why was he ever chosen to be the Captain of Team Sweden when there were players more talented like Forsberg, Alfie and Lidstrom there too?..
You say he ''lead'' the Swedes but had such a great cast. Well my friend, the same can be said for ANY TEAM that wins a medal or Stanley Cup.
You think Sakic would have lead his team to the cup if he didn't have Roy?..Foote?..Forsberg?..Lemieux?..Kamensky?..Ozol insh?..Krupp? Ricci?..Deadmarsh?..Yelle?..or the second time with Bourque?..Blake..etc..??
You think Yzerman would have won it without the help of Shanahan?..Fedorov?..Larionov??..Lidstrom?..Kozlov ?..Fetisov??..Konstantinov??..McCarthy?.Lapointe?. .Osgood/Vernon?

The same can be said for EVERY TEAM that wins.
But in Toronto...Toronto team=Sundin and Kaberle.
Much like Koivu here, Sundin never really had the chance to play on a very solid team after getting traded from Qc.
But he's still very good and would be very welcomed here.

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