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05-09-2008, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Brisk-Illusion View Post
I would say the core flaw is the lack of practical offline multiplayer.

The whole fun of sports games is playing with someone sitting next to you, when was the last time you've played an offline multiplayer game on PC ?
That's part of what I was getting at. The basic interface with a PC just doesn't lend itself to sports games.

There is the problem you mentioned: it's hard to play with another real person.

There is also the basic fact that mouse and keyboards don't work well for fast reactions and precise movements, at least not in the presentation or context of most sports games.

You can buy controllers, even Xbox 360 controllers, for your PC and eliminate both these issues, but then you get developers facing the fact that they pretty much have to develop for the lowest common denominator and cannot assume people have bought controllers, let alone a specific one, as would be required to develop features that leverage it.

Thus, sports games on the PC have issues.

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