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05-09-2008, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
Frankly, I call BS

That's easy to say as a fan on a message board.

NHL careers last only so many years and he will never make this kind of money again in his life. Those studies you're talking about are people who make that predictably over their entire career. Pro sports is a 5-10 year sprint, after which your earnings go down significantly and never adjust for inflation over your life.

Anyone here can say what they want, but there are only three reasons any real person faced with this situations will consider: family concerns (geography), income and effect on career.

Montreal will always lose income.

Thus, our only hope is effect on career and occasionally geography.

I was talking in a generality, I admit, but seriously, what have you seen? If you're a frequent watcher of the SEL, I apologize and retract everything I said. If not, you're only proving my point.

Your post admits a couple YouTubes, thus my comment. You cannot judge a player based on a YouTube clip or even a single game.
Yes but if you're making 4 million a year for 5-10 years, you'll make more than someone who makes 50,000 a year over the course of their lifetimes. So I think the studies are still relevant.

But just use common sense man. I mean, what is the extra 2 million a year going to give you? How exactly is that extra 2 million a year going to improve the quality of your life? Being able to buy a home with a few more acres or another porsche will markedly improve my happiness? Come on, you can't be serious. I'm pretty sure I could make myself and my family materially comfortable with the 4 million a year I'll earn over the course of my career. After a certain amount of materialism, the gains in the quality of your life will be negligable. After that you're going to have to derive meaning and fulfillment from some other source.

So knowing that materially I'm set for the rest of my life, why the hell would I give up on my dream to play for my childhood hockey team? Am I missing something here? Yeah, I'll take an extra 2 million a year (which will likely end up sitting in the bank until the day I die after which my kids will inherit it) and play for a team I couldn't care less about.

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