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05-09-2008, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by #ZAMBONI# View Post
wow !

Habs finished first in the conference , first for "goals for " , first " power play " of the NHL , made 2 playoffs rounds ; and you are calling Kovalev a "creampuffs" ." or calling the players that made this great season possible " ballet dancers " .

If the Habs went that far and did that well , it was because those players gave their max all season long .Not only during the playoffs , full of energy after 3 weeks of rest .
So Koivu didn't contribute in Montreal's season success besides the playoffs?
Be more subtle with the Koivu bashing.

Originally Posted by David View Post
Granted, but since Koivu and Begin were the only ones doing this, and they are being bashed unreasonably while creampuffs like Kovalevs are being exhonerated and made heroes of, how will they learn that Koivu is to be emulated and that this is what they need to do?

Kids learn by example and not by what they're told.

This is why this team needs the Ethan Moreaus and Jason Smiths and the Morrows to surround these talented young'uns. Otherwise, they'll develop into another set of selfish, half assed ballet dancers who will disappoint us year after year.

I am still of the mind that this team can win the CUP within the next 2 to 3 years...but only if the right things are taught and the right things are rewarded!

Enough with this garabage about Koivu and French. Enough with blindly cheering on Montreal regardless of what they do. That is the Toronto Maple Leafs culture that allowed them to wallow in their self pity and mediocrity year after freaking year!

We are the Montreal Canadiens! The letters on the sweat has to mean something!

No offense,but you're incredibly deluded.

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