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05-10-2008, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsoluteFate View Post
You don't get the point. Its not that they like the Philly Avatars and signature...basically what they are doing to the other habs fans is stabbing with a dagger whenever we have to look at the Avatars...plain and simple. If that doesn't bug you then fine...your open to your own opinion just like i am
I don't like looking at them anymore than you do. Just like I don't think any of them *using philly avatars* are happy seeing them.

But I understand the reasoning behind what they are doing and I support it 100%. So unlike you I'm not going to insult them for taking the bet, or accuse them of being less of a Habs fan for manning up and completing their obligations.

So yes everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. But sometimes it's better if you keep your opinions to yourself and not pass judgements on others.

Originally Posted by zx81 View Post
No problem, it was so long ago I had to look it up myself.

Originally Posted by Ice Poutine View Post
Well i made it for the Bruins bet and their fans but no one took it... i wonder why.
They must not have a sense of humor IP, because that was genius.

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