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05-10-2008, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by GaineysRightHandMan View Post
I'm still mad that...
we aren't still in the playoffs and there are 4 teams still playing and the Habs aren't
we should have beat those Flyers
Carey Price failed us. He never did a Roy rookie impersonation
we only won 1 round of the playoffs. When was the last time we won 2?
that Briere dissed us because we weren't playoff contenders and then his team beat us in the playoffs
no one else is mad - you all have accepted this and think is acceptable
that it's been since 93 since we won a cup
that my 1993 stanley cup shirt has so many holes in it that I can't wear it and I can't replace it with a 2008 stanley cup t-shirt

It's depressing.

Is there a support group or are you all happy Habs fans?
All Hab fans know that anything less than the cup is unacceptable

However, it is a very tough trophy to win.... arguably the toughest

Just about everything has to go right to get those 16 wins, and the enemies have the same idea

It requires a complete team of talented and possesed hockey warriors... with situational luck to boot...

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