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Originally Posted by Transported Upstater View Post
Gilmour isn't close to the best player in Leafs history, and I this as a guy who became a Leafs fan in the first place because of him.

He just wasn't there long enough. We have 13 Cups, there is plenty of history with this team and plenty of great players. Gilmour doesn't deserve to be near the top.

That said, at his peak, he was better than any other Leafs player during my lifetime and it isn't close.
I wouldn't dismiss Gilmour's claim to the "Best Leaf Ever" title because the Leafs, despite their 11 Stanley Cups (sorry, but it's just sad to count cups one by the St. Pat's and Areneas among your own) they have a curious place in hockey history in that if you were to list the truly elite players in hockey history, the Leafs strangely lay claim to none of them.

All of the greats, Howe, Orr, Gretzky, Richard, Dionne, Plante, Beliveau, Hull, Lafleur, Esposito, Roy, Messier, Bourque, etc you are going to be creating quite a list before you come to *any* Leaf players at all.

The likes of Teeder Kennedy, Busher Jackson, King Clancy etc come way way way down that list.

Then you have guys like Darryl Sittler, who had a nice career, but is far from an "all timer" and never won a damn thing in his career.

To say that Gilmour doesn't deserve to be near the top is disrespectful to the fact that, for his short time in Toronto he was truly among the very best players in the league. Despite what Leaf fans like to pretend about Sundin, he never could make that claim. He was a top tier player, but never, could it even be remotely argued that he was the best player in the league. For Gilmour, for a couple of years, that case could be made.

The Leafs just don't have a history of having truly elite players. (Look at the list of Vezina, Hart and Norris trophy winners to really drive this point home) So to disrespect the only guy you could make an argument for in the last 60 years is pretty odd, coming from a Leafs fan.

Originally Posted by TheLeastOfTheBunch View Post
Not even close, dude.

Syl Apps, George Armstrong, Ace Bailey, Johnny Bower, King Clancy, Brian Conacher, Dick Duff, Tim Horton, Red Kelly, Dave Keon, Frank Mahovlich, Darryl Sittler and maybe even Bill Barilko, are some of the players that are arguably ahead of Doug Gilmour.
You have got to be kidding! You're a Leaf fan and you don't even know your own teams great players?

There is ZERO argument that could be made for Dick Duff, Brian Conacher, Red Kelly or Bill Barilko.

These guys aren't even close to that title. *THEY* would be shocked to hear you say this.

Even more appalling is the omission of Turk Broda, one of the few true greats the team had!

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