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05-11-2008, 01:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Bruins77 View Post
Keep in mind that I am a Bruins fan and I do remember that incident with Ribiero and the bruins several years back.

Osgood provoked it. Plain and simple. I am not defending Ribiero, I am just saying it the way it is. The cheap shot Osgood gave Ribiero could have been way more dangerous than what Ribiero did to Osgood. Now, I know that a two handed slash to the chest is stupid, mindless and must hurt, but I do think Osgood embelished it. He is a goalie; he has pads. If that shot to the chest hurt him, then how the **** does he play through a game getting pucks to the chest at a 100mph?? Tell me?
I think Ribiero was stupid for what he did, but we should not all be pointing the finger to Ribiero.
Not too sure if Osgood connected, but Ribeiro did connect without a doubt.

Then, the day we'll start punishing the act and not the consequence, we will be a better and safer league. Who ****in cares if Osgood embellished it? Didn't Ribeiro slashed the guy almost at the neck level? Osgood lifted his butt end of his stick which could have had some consequence as well but not as grave as if Ribeiro would have connected with Osgood's neck.

But there won't be any suspensions.

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