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05-11-2008, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
Am I the only one who thinks Cunneyworth is a mildly pornographic name ?

I always picked for Ottawa in the post season, well, the last 10 years or so as my team hasn't been as strong. Watching this year, as things seemed to unravel, I'm getting reminded of of the late 70's early 80's Expos. There was never a doubt that their time would come, until move after move didn't work, Gary Carter left and all of a sudden that team had gone.

Ottawa always had the feeling that, ok, just a bit of tinkering and next year will be different. Last year's finals shocked me. I thought they'd solved everything. Then in the finals, their absolute refusal to adjust or find a different way to win, sunk them.

It's hard to say if the departure of guys like Redden while the core remains the #1 line, will be enough.

To be honest, at a point this year, a Sens fan came here with a touch of arrogance, explaining to us lowly Habs fans, that making the po's was a goal for the CH, but nothing to them as they're above that type of thing. Letting a poster annoy me is stupid, I know, but I remebered that as the season wound down.

I'm not sure there's a lesson to be learned, the Sens built the right way, made easier by their expansion circumstances, and having high draft pick guys to trade to Milbury, so I'm not sure why the last step wasn't taken. Lack of urgency maybe ?

I don't know if things are going downhill from here, if the core needs to be adressed. Maybe the goalie sitaution is a good point. How often do you see a tremendous defense on an NFL team, go out and acquire a marginal QB, saying we just don't want him to lose it for us. That worked once I believe ?

Philly and Ottawa are 2 good franchises that suffered because they just didn't get the goaltending on some good teams.
Slow morning MCPhee? Lot's of posting on this Mother's Day. I also know better and get out of the way.

On to the greater point. I think teams are built and have a window of opportunity to win. As long as you keep progressing, you maintain the core and keep adding and subtracting parts. But as you go through this process you need to address your greatest weakness. Ottawa has never done this, and have always had subpar performances in the playoffs because of goaltending. All the years that the Sens lost to the Leafs, goaltending was always the difference. You don't need a franchise goalie necessarily, but you need a stabilizing force, someone who will not lose you series.

Meantime they lost some important parts, core people, in the effort to get better. With all the players they moved, Hossa-Chara-Havlat to name a few, they now find themselves in a down cycle with nothing to show for it.

As for the correlation to the Habs, Price does become the center piece for this franchise. He doesn't need to "steal" series, just make the saves he needs to make. I think he is that missing piece. All the comparisons with other young goalies are not pertinent. Price's pedigree and previous accomplishments speak volumes.

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