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05-11-2008, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by nine_inch_fang View Post
Since the main board has blown up over the slash on Osgood I thought I would start a thread to actually discuss this. We saw it here in Nashville, I know it was Tootoo that took the stick to the face but I forget who the goalie was. I know we've also seen it several other times in the NHL this year. Goalies have always put their sticks up/out to protect themselves during the forecheck with opponents buzzing around but in the NHL this year it has become way too common place for a goalie to jam the handle of his stick out trying to hit a forechecker in the face. Not only is this a dangerous form of intentional highsticking it could also hurt the forechecker by knocking them of balance and causing them to go into the board awkwardly.

Will this be something that the league takes a serious look at this summer. To me this should be a five game suspension anytime a goalie tries this next year and it shouldn't depend on the on ice officials calling it either. It is a deliberate high stick, no different than a skater hitting a player with his stick in the face purposefully. If a team reports an incident to the NHL for review and it is deemed that the goalie did this then he is gone for five games the first time and who knows what the second or third time. This isn't part of the game but forechecking is and I don't see how this can be excused by saying "well the goalie was just protecting his crease".
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