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05-11-2008, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by dlandry77 View Post
Your team is a joke. This is not UFA season, its trying to a replace a GM and coach. Honestly your team tried to buy championships and it did not work. Now trying to buy management in a un classy manner.

If anyone was smart they would never go to the leafs, you know why because the leafs are run like a business with everyones hands in everything. You guys turned Scotty Bowman, is your organization handicap.

Bob is awesome, want to know why, unlike JFJ which made every deal dictated by the media. Bob Gainey said we would be a contenter by 2009, guess what buddy we are there. Also he makes deals that he expects are right and not what the media thinks. Also every mistake he has made, he has been able to get out of unlike the leafs with there 5 players with no trade clauses.

Keep dreaming Leaf Fans, money does not buy everything, espically cups and great GM's that would put up with your business practices.
The cap takes away the advantage the richer teams had on players, do you want one for management too? I don't see anything "un classy" about asking teams for permission to speak to their management?

And you haven't said anything to prove Gainey is be a better GM, only that he's been in a better situation to excel. Except he doesn't have any NTCs.

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