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Originally Posted by Race against NINE View Post
You know, I knew I remembered Ference getting the crap beaten out of him in that fight. Don't know if you're sarcastic about Ference "graciously held on" or not, but frankly what really happened is he turtled and never had a chance.

Lemieux was one tough hombre when he needed to be - part of what made him such a great player, that he wasn't so small and non-physical as Gretzky.

Plus, Ference wasn't that big Still - it was a great game for him, and lessee...Lemieux in the box for 5 and Ference in the box for 5...which team comes up short on that trade?
My recollection was that Ference had placed himself in a precarious situation by antagonizing SuperMario into a fight. He couldn't very well take down one of the venerable greats in the league without serious repercussions to his own career, so he pretty much just held on, as was stated previously.

Even the announcers commented it was a smart call on his part not to give his all against Mario.

Could Mario have held his own in an all-out slugfest? Yeah, it's likely, but Brad didn't take any chances and just played it safe.

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