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05-11-2008, 03:35 PM
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One of the most amazing/exciting hockey games I've ever experienced, in ANY league last night. I'm still recovering at 5 PM today.

The first two periods looked very evenly matched like you would expect out of a Semifinals playoff game. Down 3-0 doing into the 3rd, Chuck Weber just cannot be human. He makes an excellent decision out of nowhere to switch goalies and I have no idea what he told the guys during the second intermission but good God what a comeback.

Icing on the cake was that the Stingrays regained the lead after the officials awarded them a f'ing 5-on-3 with 5 damn minutes left in the game, and then the Clones pull the goalie and Desharnais scores beautifully to tie it again with under a minute.

Regarding the goalie switch, Desjardins did not play bad, but two of South Carolina's goals were borderline flukes and he was obviously very frustrated after the 3rd slid it between his legs. Alas, this guy has started every playoff game since after Game 1 of the 7-game Reading series. He is off until Wednesday now. It should also be noted that the defense was looking really lackluster, much in part due to our best defensemen and part of the heart of the team, Chad Starling, being suspended one game.

I was just recalling the San Jose-Dallas 4-OT game from last week wondering we could be at US Bank Arena that long, when Thomas Beauregard thankfully interrupted my thoughts. The place was ON FIRE and I haven't seen that much excitement since the Orlando Solar Bears series back in the original IHL in the 90s.

As my friend put it on a couple other boards, this game would have been a steal to see for $100. Me and 4800 others saw it for a mere $10.

The Cyclones did exactly what they needed to this weekend. South Carolina is now 0-8 on the road in the playoffs this year and we have pinned them down 2-0 with home ice advantage right off the bat. Now they just have to go into SC and break that undefeated postseason streak they have going at home.

I hope whichever one it was from this board who came down had a great time. I'm sure you did!

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