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05-11-2008, 08:29 PM
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Rangers player of the season: Lundqvist
Worst Rangers player of the season: Hollweg
Best Team performance of the season: 5-0 shutout of Florida, Feb. 24 (memorable b/c I was there lol)
Worst Team performance of the season: Unfortunately too many...Western Canada road trip, Florida road trip, Gaborik, Montreal collapse...I couldn't even think about hockey for a couple days after the Montreal choke so I'd go with that but they were all pretty bad.
Best individual performance from a Rangers player this season: Jagr carrying the team in Games 3 & 4 vs. Pitt (fresh in my mind, but Hank had a lot of good ones too)
Worst individual performance from a Rangers player this season: Backman deserving 10 PIM in his first game (I believe one of the penalties he committed was called on Staal) was pretty bad, but Hollweg ending any chance of beating Pitt takes the cake and that wasn't the first time he did that (Edmonton sticks out to me, but there could have been others)
Best opposition player against us this season: Gaborik averaged 5 goals a game against us lol
Worst opposition player against us this season: Marty 2-11 against us, neither win in regulation
Best goal the Rangers scored this season: so many memorable ones, but I'll go with Drury tying it late 3rd in the second to last regular season game in Jersey because of the obvious happiness and the confidence it restored as far as knowing we'd win the game
Best goal against the Rangers this season: Malkin's goal in the last game was pretty ridiculous
Worst goal against the Rangers this season: Salvador scoring off Dubie's arm, the ice, the post and finally Hank's back the hell did that go in
Biggest "nuts" moment (not game) where you were jumping around screaming for joy: Leaving the Rock after Game 5 and celebrating among other Rangers fans in the hallways and streets and the dejected Devils fans
Worst moment of despair: When Drury was bleeding all over the ice and the refs didn't call anything; that's when I knew it was over
Best opposition fans at MSG: none stuck out to me as so great but since the Canadiens fans annoyed me the most they must have been doing something right
Worst opposition fans at MSG: Islanders: last home game one of their fans in my section got drunk and started two fights in a row and before he got thrown out decided to moon the whole section lol
Best away game: I'll go with beating the Devils to end their season; I've never been happier during a 2 hour commute home from Jersey lol
Funniest moment of the season: Dawesie scoring on his back vs. Marty
Hero of the season: Dubie- everyone fell in love with this kid this year and well-deserved
Scapegoat of the season: Hollweg, when the refs were against us imo, he gave them a legit call to essentially end our season

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