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Here's a quick translation:

Stephane Quintal Will Work For The Habs

No, the giant sized defender will not be putting on the Habs jersey next season. Rather he has signed a lease with his former team in order to commercially exploit the the gym of the Canadiens' new training complex in the DIX30 neighbourhood in Brossard.

The training complex - that will be named Mansfield Rive-Sud - will open its doors this November. Since Saku Koivu, Alexei Kovalev and the other Habs' players will have their own private gym, Stephane Quintal will instead have as clients Sunday sportsmen.

Notably he will attempt to attract the participants of recreational hockey leagues who will play their matches on the complex's two rinks.

"In garage leagues, people arrive 5 minutes before their game," says Stephane Quintal. "They get changed and then jump on the ice without warming up. We want to make them aware of the importance of a good warm up."

"At least a good 20 minutes on an exercise bike are needed prior to a hockey match in order to properly warm up the body. We want to get people used to arriving 45 minutes early, going upstairs to the gym before the game so as to warm up and to return afterwards in order to properly stretch."

Another clientele targeted by the former Canadiens' player: the parents who will watch their children's games at the DIX30 complex. Seeing as the complex will be equipped with cameras, the matches will be broadcast on a closed circuit on the Mansfield Rive-Sud complex's televisions.

"The parents will be able to watch their children play whilst training at the same time," says Stephane Quintal. "They will no longer have to eat french fries in the stands."

Just as when he was in the NHL, Stephane Quintal has decided to have a partner in his new adventure: the Montreal businessman Leonard Schlemm, already owner of Club Atwater and Club Mansfield in Montreal.

If Stephane Quintal is a star of Quebec hockey, Leonard Schlemm is as much in his own business: gyms. In 1983, the Montreal businessman founded 24 Hour Fitness, one of the largest networks of gyms in the world.

Owner of 800 gyms worldwide, of which 600 are in the United States, 24 Hour Fitness has become known through its celebrity partnerships such as with Lance Armstrong in Texas, Shaquille O'Neal in Miami, Magic Johnson in Los Angeles, Steve Nash in Vancouver and Andre Agassi in Las Vegas.

Leonard Schlemm and Stephane Quintal are planning on using this model as inspiration in Montreal.

"I will be in the gym often - I still train four or five times a week - but we will not do any marketing based around me like Leonard has done with other athletes," says Stephane Quintal, "Quite simply I'm not as famous as the other guys!"

Two other gyms are planned
The two partners are also associated in a gym in the West Island which they saved from bankruptcy last year.

After the opening of the gym in Mansfield Rive-Sud, they will study the possibility of opening another two gyms in the Montreal region.

In addition to the use of their gym in the West Island, the members of the Mansfield Rive-Sud club will also be able to make the most of the facilities of Club Mansfield, Leonard Schlemm's gym in downtown Montreal.

"This is the ideal formula for people who live on the South Bank and who work in Montreal," according to Stephane Quintal.

A first round selection of the Boston Bruins in 1988, Stephane Quintal played for 16 seasons in the NHL, 7 of which were with the Canadiens. Since his retirement after the lock-out, he has being doing business in both the world of sport and of the arts.

Co-owner of the agency B612 Communications, he manages the careers of entertainers Sebastien Benoit, Virginie Coossa and Anne-Marie Withenshaw.

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