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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
That's true, but looking at kachino82's list of players. Most of those guys are the best players on their team. So even without RFA's being poached, their salaries would be sky high.
I don't really don't know. With no demand market pressure on the price, my guess is it might be significantly lower. I think teams are locking players long term for fear of losing them, more than anything. The other view is that they are "Wanging" it and trying to beat inflation, I just feel that that is just too risky a with the sure fire players (I'm talking Ovechkin like sure fire).

Let's take Komi for example, if there was no realistic way he could leave the Habs for another 4-5 years or so...why would the Habs offer him big money in his next contract? They would wait for his next one.

With RFA poaching and UFA age brought down, teams start to want to lock up their young guns quick and for long.

I think this is all new CBA related and turning out to be a great thing for the players.

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