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05-13-2008, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by AlwaysARanger View Post
Nice hat-trick by Dubi btw.. i dont care if it was against us. Norway isnt that much of a hockey nation. Half the players on the national team play in the national league and are basicly part time hockeyplayers. We have about 30 indoor ice rinks (and thats not much!).

We now have Patrick Thoresen (playing for the Flyers (3-4th line, scratched in the ECF 2 and 3) and Tollefsen (CBJ) as a 5-7 deffenseman. I guess Espen Knutsen is the most known player from our country recently. Small country (app 4,5 mill).

That said, we held Finland to OT, beat Germany and loss only 2-1 to Canada (with our goalie with 50+ saves). Our best men play in The Swedish Elite League and in Germany.

It has bin a great WC for our country, reaching th Quarter Finals for the very first time this year(up against Canada).

We are not supposed to beat USA (or Canada) so we are just enjoying our ride in this one. I route for the NHL (and in particular the Rangers of course) and im just glad my friends get their eyes up for the Rangers (and Dubi!!!).

For the first time since the winter olympics on Lillehammer 94' hockey is sendt prime time on national TV.
Nobody care about cross country skeeing anymore! Build some hockeyrinks with that oil money!

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