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05-13-2008, 11:12 PM
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Am I really Old school if I say I didn't buy Diablo 2 because I tought it sucked compared to Diablo 1 ? Or does that means I was a nerd a long time ago ?

I liked the simplicity of the old games on the snes. Power, start the game, enjoy. No long videos, no discussions (even in RPG it wasn't that bad). What was more simple than Diablo 1 ? Kill everyone, go down one level. Kill everyone, find a cool sword. Go to bed without ruining your life. Amen.

Haaaaa nostalgia. Makes you believe everything was better before, while it wasn't. I remember the first time I played "online". It was a 1st person shooter called "blood". I played with my friend who lived in front of me via our modem. He had to call me with is modem, so my phone was ringing for about a minute, than my modem could answer and we could play. Most of the time, my mom answered the phone and my friend could hear her speaking through his computer. Hello ? Hello ? After each 30 minutes of play, someone from one of our house would pick up the phone and disconnect us. Yeahhhh it was the golen age.

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