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05-13-2008, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Race against NINE View Post
What you're not realizing is that I just watched the video before that last post, which confirmed what I remembered - Ference dropped the gloves, but when Mario came at him Ference was completely off balance and was forced to turtle - had the fight gone on longer than 5 seconds, he'd have been pummelled.

EDIT: That said, Lemieux was apparently 25lbs lighter than I thought he was (right height, though), and Ference was 2" taller and 18lbs. heavier than I thought he was. So I suppose had Ference not botched the approach, he'd have been able to stand up to Super Mario. But I think people give him too much credit, since he'd been pestering Lemieux the whole game in ways the league should have frowned at just as much as if he'd actually fought him. Remember, that crap was the reason Lemieux had retired in the first place and why he continued to miss a lot of time after his retirement with recurring back issues.

Yeah, I liked it when it happened too, but ultimately you have to frown at play like that in the last decade, since it cost the league a number of stars. After all, if you go to a game (team favoritism aside) would you rather be watching Mario Lemieux on the ice, or Brad Ference? The grabs, pokes, jabs, slashes, high sticks, etc. as a defensive strategy - they really dragged down the game.
So what we have now is a bunch of glorified prima donas like Crosby and Malkin, who not coincidentally play for mario's pens, and all they need to do is dive like little girls and they get a penalty so they pretty much get to skate freely without even being checked half the time. Imagine mario today, he would be in heaven because he would get a power play every time someone got within five feet of him, and if he didn't he wold do one of his pattented dives and that would work. We went from one extreme to the complete oposite and what we see now, with ridiculous penalties being called every night, is an absolute joke. Hockey is still a physical sport but the league has done everything possible to try to make it what it's not, and then they wonder why attendance even at places like Detroit is suffering. We should be somewhere in the middle but if I were to chose an extreme i would prefer the more physical, close checking game of years ago ahead of the free wheeling divefest we see today.

If anything we should appreciate guys like Bure even more for accomplishsing what they did in the era they did it. Bure could score 100 with today's rules.

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