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05-14-2008, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by KostitsyntheBagBaby View Post
They looked bad at the time too. That's why I never shelled out $400 in 95 for any systems. You wouldn't believe how bummed I was that the side-scroller era was dead and everything looked like Starfox.
Oh god don't get me started. I hated that era because I was always a big fan of Megaman/Mario type side scroller games.

Megaman Legends 1 + 2 & Megaman 64 :

Mario 64 + Mario Sunshine :

I absolutely HATED castlevania in 3d too, prefer sidescroller.

Why do people think Symphony of the Night was SO successful especially during that era? Maybe because A) the gameplay was amazing, B) the game itself was amazing and the level design was brilliant, but C) IT WAS STILL A SIDE SCROLLER

I love those games even till this day Mario 3 is my favourite mario game, though I plan on giving galaxy a chance cause I heard it's the first non-sidescroller mario that's actually good.

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