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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Timmins is great. But we might want to stop looking by quantity of number of picks in the NHL and start looking for quality as well.

Wings are awful as far as quantity of picks in the NHL are concerned.....but they've been a force for the past how many years now because of guys like Lindstrom, Datsyuk and Zetterberg.

I know that it's easier to judge by quantity 'cause actually you can't make judgment about it. But I believe that quality needs to kick in as well at one point to judge the work of a scouting group.

No contest that the quantity is downright impressive. But I would trade all of our 2003 draft picks for the Philly draft right now even if Philly could end up with only 2 picks in the NHL....

To judge a scout and his group it has to be quantity AND quality IMHO. And even with that way of judging, Timmins would rank quite up there anyway.
Imo theres a point where quantity will lead to quality. Drafting quality is often a luck thing. Look at Markov and Plekanec as good examples of that fact. When your consistent at the draft table and get 4 NHL players every year, your bound to get lucky in a big way.

Like in 2005, Sergei Kostitsyn might be a datsyuk quality player, its just to soon to say.

2007, Maxpac looks to be a big steal.
2006, Subban, Maxwell Could develop into big time players.

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