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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
You can say it but there is a possibility that you are incorrect. We have guys like Martin St. Louis who is listed at 5'9" but I think thats when he is ON skates. Nathan Gerbe is 5' 6" and has excelled.

I have seen some small palyers do VERY well and I have seen some 6' plus youths who play very poorly. Size, regardless of the level of play is not a direct indicator. Again, a fast and heads up player will do well because the big dumb slow brutes cant hit what they cant catch. I have also seen some pretty small kids LEVEL much larger and have pics to prove it. One of the boys on my sons team last year, Popiela, would make it a game to go after the biggest on every team they faced. A good 60% of the time he achieved his goal. HE might have only been 51 or 5'2" but he played like he was 6'+. ITs in the heart NOT the yardstick.
There is the rare case in the NHL but those guys are needles in the haystack. And St.Louis is a stocky guy anyways at at least 175 pounds and he isnt 5'9'' on skates, he is about 5'8'' barefoot he has said that much. My advice to Dangelo would be to start lifting free weights, eat a lot of healthy, protein rich foods and see where it takes you at tryouts.

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