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05-23-2004, 03:30 PM
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Sorry to bring this on the Philly board but...

Originally Posted by exiled in Florida
People in Florida are pretty oblivious to Bolts and it is a darn shame that great fans such as you guys and my crowd have to sit out the finals while a few Nascar fugitives are watching their team in the final.
Where in heck do you live man? I've seen you lie like this again and again and not get called on it.

NASCAR fugitives? Either you're living out in the swamps, are completely oblivious yourself to what's going on around you, or you're just lying through your teeth because you find yourself amusing.

How do you figure that people are "oblivious" down here when the Bolts are on the front page of the paper and the Bucs haven't been mentioned on sports radio in two months, which is nothing short of a miracle? The games are getting the highest hockey ratings ever for the Tampa market. Not to mention, I can't even come close to sniffing a ticket to any SC Finals games only a few hours after the team gets in. I could give a dozen more examples, but if you'd just pick up the paper or turn on the TV you should be able to figure it out.

Sorry guys, but I hate elitists like this who diss the great fans we have down here and don't back up their arguments with anything resembling facts.

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