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05-14-2008, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Dominant Hegemony View Post
woah. never met someone who defended FF8 so much. FF8's graphics may of been better, but you have to remember that FF7, solely, lauched the psx and the rpg genre into the stratosphere of popularity. it was a practically dead/stale genre before that.

Square is very much aware of the popularity of FF7 and how great that game was (there's a reason that the game ranks among the top 5 rpg of all time on everyone gaming magazine/site list). Hence why they are considering remaking it for the ps3, which in all frankness, needs something to keep it going. There arent any interesting RGPs on the ps3 (save for Oblivion). And seeing the weapons in 1080p would just be face melting....

FF9 was too cutesy, too linear and the game was just not that interesting. I mean i liked how they went back to the roots and got away from the awful awful FF8, but there was just some kind of...."magic" missing from it...

Only FF6 and FF7 have kept me up all night and playing for days non stop.

Chrono trigger was pretty damn good too, but a different kind of game altogether. And chrono cross was a huge disappointment. And it was damn short too and made virtually no sense.
Oh well, guess everyone has their own tastes... FF7 never interested me in any ways... BUT that may be because I played 8 before 7. But I may be the only one but I loved the 8's story...I was really into those characters somehow...

The only reason not to like FF9 is the 'childish' fact that I have to admit... But for me, it was the best FF I played overall, considering I never finished 10 and never played 11 or 12.

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