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05-14-2008, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Pere Noel View Post
This thread is so generic that it is useless.

Let me get this straight... so one day, if I see that someone posted in the thread... I should rush in to see if the topic is of interest (because, I really don't know what the new post is about... since it concerns one of the 200 hockey players).

The thread is only useful if I never ever want to hear about any ex-canadian player. In that case, I would never click to check the thread ; Which makes it a dump/wastebasket thread.

When moderators create thread like this... I sort of understand their behavior... I mean... there are too many thread... here's one way to merge a bunch of them...

But when you look at the result... on a user perspective... it makes no sense.

I am sorry... but if you come to think about a little bit more... the thread is useless for posters and readers.
Maybe. But are you having fun?

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