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Originally Posted by Brieremania View Post
I think thats a very fair statement.... I don't mind if we go for a couple of those in the first two rounds this year.... I wouldn't blame Timmons, Gainey etc... if they go for the high risk, potential high reward guy in the draft this year, the system is well stocked depth wise but we need an elite offensive talent, and at 25/55 that surefire offensive talent will not be there... but a high risk, high potential reward offensive talent might be.

We must draft at least a goalie or two in the next 2-3 years. For the rest I'd like us to go offense all the way. Draft the forward with the best skill set available. Preferably big and/or physical (wich is pretty rare). You can work with players the way we did with kosty sr.

Of course you draft defensemen if there is one BIG defenseman that is clearly the BPA. If we could draft like 15-18 skilled forwards in the next 3 years we are pretty sure to get an elite one. Or near elite. at least one of 15-18 drafted players will be a star player if they are in the some mold...

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