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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
My issue has always been will his game need to change at all in the NHL since he effectively has a similar frame to Petr Nedved (or Alexandre Giroux, for a better comparison as Giroux was successful with that frame in the AHL, but it didn't translate will to the NHL). I do think Byers has better hands than Hollweg and has the potential to score more, so that's definitely a plus.
I've rebutted this argument before, but I'll do it again. Byers does not have the frame of either Nedved or Giroux. He has a very solid build, regardless of what the Rangers web site says he weighs. Maybe this doesn't come across when watching on the internet, but it's readily apparent when you see him on the ice or in person. These comparisons to Nedved/Giroux are completely unfounded.

And while I've yet to see him in a fight in the NHL, I can pretty much guarantee he's a better fighter than Hollweg. He'll never be an NHL heavyweight, but he'll more than hold his own. Say what you want about the AHL, there are guys that make their living there as goons and Byers took on all comers this season. And from about December on, he didn't lose a bout. In fact, by the end of the season, he wasn't just winning, but buckling guys' knees on a regular basis.

As for boneheaded moments, he's a had a couple, including the incident that some here wanted to skewer him for this season when he broke a guy's nose with his first punch, but didn't realize and continued to go after the guy when he turtled. But I expect some would be surprised to know that Korpikoski actually picked up more non-fighting majors (and a suspension of his own) this season for dangerous, boneheaded plays (boarding, x-checking). In my opinion, they both get the benefit if the doubt because of their age and lack of experience. After three years of experience in the NHL, Hollweg no longer does.

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