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05-15-2008, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Pere Noel View Post
You are missing the point. I pro-actively posted here, to stress that we shouldn't be condemned to have all ex players talk be merged into one melting pot thread.... which renders the exercise very difficult.

I would rather see say two posts like the following in different threads:
1-What is happening to juha lind?
2-Alex Perezhogin doing great in Russia
3-Is Quintal still in NHL shape? Should he come back?
Ex-player thread all talk here...

Doing so... Readers have the option to say...

Hum... like skips the Juha Lind thread... and the Quintal one... But hey, some good news about Perezhogin... he could still come back to the line up blah blah blah.
Perezhogin has always been considered different than the others because we still own his rights.... as long as that is true, he is not truly an ex-player in the same way that the other guys are.

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