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05-15-2008, 04:27 PM
Pere Noel
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Originally Posted by Brieremania View Post
Perezhogin has always been considered different than the others because we still own his rights.... as long as that is true, he is not truly an ex-player in the same way that the other guys are.
That's completely beside the point.

You can replace the example with another one if that helps you out.

Say: -Should Montreal welcome back Huet? A reader may be interested in clicking that one, yet, not look at the Quintal one.
Having a common thread for Huet and Quintal and all others, forces the reader to go through the thread every single time it is updated... or ignore it all along, and miss topics he would have been interested in.

Whereas, having different threads... gives the easy option to jump in or not.

Again, the point is: merging multiple threads just because there is some sort of similarity, does not mean it is a great idea; It, on a reader perspective, does not always make it easier to read through, and select topics to read.

I am all for merging threads like A) Should Huet come back, and B) Should we sign Huet... as it really is the exact same topic. But not mixing up all ex-players in one.

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