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05-15-2008, 04:46 PM
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A lot of people have really gone crazy on the Stewart bandwagon.... C'mon people it was one game against a team (Leafs) who wasn't playing for anything.....

He showed skills I never saw from him at the AHL level, and he showed things that our regular AHL watchers (QJD, BluesClues, Montreal, Thief50, etc...) didn't see out of him either.... I really think we have to see what he brings in training camp before we know if he can make this team.

I have serious questions if this was a one game adrenaline based OMG I'm getting an NHL shot on HNIC thing.... or was it the real Greg Stewart. Sadly I think it was the former. This is not to say he'll never make the NHL, but to want to automatically anoint him with a spot, or the posters who suggested putting him in the playoff lineup... I think is a little foolhardy myself.

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