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05-15-2008, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Breakaway23 View Post
McCabe would probably prefer the Islanders since it's closer to his wife and kids' place of residence..
I sometimes wonder if SOME (as in a very small number) Toronto fans simply don't understand anything about geography outside the Toronto metro area.

MSG is actually a bit easier to reach from most parts of the LI than where the Isles play (because it is reachable via train etc). Even by car, there is not much difference. In fact, there wouldn't be much difference between where NJ plays and where the Isles play. So, this is absolutely incorrect.

I also doubt that McCabe would want to go to a potential losing team over a playoff team in a much more glitzy locale.

Finally, I doubt that McCabe, even with the NMC, gets to tell the Leafs which team "he prefers" to go to.

Originally Posted by Breakaway23 View Post

But he's going to cost you. Even at $5 mil...
He makes six million next year, with a cap hit of 5.75 million. And, yeah he'll cost. But, the prices most Ranger fans are offering here is quite close to being fair. Certainly more fair than all this stuff built around the likes of Staal, etc.

Originally Posted by Breakaway23 View Post
I think he will rebound next year. He was awful earlier in the season. Then he settled his defensive game down. He started playing pretty decently in Dec. 2007 then got hurt and was out for 1.5 months. Came back and did decent.

The problem with McCabe is he keeps having to play with different rear-guards. Kaberle and McCabe used to be a force when they were both on their game, then one year one would be on his game, then the other would be off it. So they haven't meshed since like 2004.

McCabe was paired with Coliacovo when he was struggled and Cola seemed to calm him down and he started playing better. Then Cola went out. McCabe also had to play with White, Gill, and Kubina and had mixed success with each.

I think on the right team he will again be an all-star. It wasn't long ago he was a finalist in Norris voting.

I am not sure what McCabe will cost. It all depends on how desparate the Leafs are to move him. If they move him this year he's probably worth a decent prospect and probably another pick. I would say in the 15-18 range, they could then target a host of people..(maybe Sbisa, Colborne, Tedenby)

After a good year he wouldn't be moved.

Right now the Leafs might think about Staal and another roster player from the Rangers...not sure who else though.
This is the same player who Fletcher said there was "no interest in" around the league, and the same player that Garth Snow said he had never considered trading for? When exactly did McCabe's value (on ice and on the trade market) go through such a radical change?

Sorry, but Ranger fans here are being quite realistic in their perceptions of McCabe's market value.

I'll go beyond that. If McCabe were willing to waive his NMC to come to the Rangers, and if Sather wants him, a 2nd rounder and prospect/lessor player would be more than enough to get it done. In fact, if the first two conditions had been met before the deadline, McCabe would probably be a Ranger right now.

Man, do I ever miss Oleg Kvasha. If Oleg was here, everything would be OK.

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