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05-24-2004, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666
Why bother asking a gimp to suit up for you knowing full well that he's going to shy from any and all contact?

Why not revert to the old way of doing things and bringing in a "name" because you are looking for that one guy that MAY be able to help?

Why not overpay once again for a player way on the wrong side of 30?

I'll tell you why, it doesn't work and it hasn't worked for the last 7 years. The Pavel Bure that succeeded here is not the one we would be getting back, we'd get a much more broken down player that couldn't come back from the last surgery. I'd rather have the kids come up and play hard and lose than play like a cripple and overpay them and still lose. I don't see the win win here. If Bure does well then that will encourage Sather to continue the madness, because even with a healthy Bure this team is medicore without a gimpy this team is not that much worse off, but the spirits of the yougsters that have a legit shot at the big club would be given a hugh boost.

Even if Bure were to accept the league Minimum I would want to pass, it's not about the money, it's about wasting time with an older guy that is blocking the path of say a Belaj who happens to be tearing up the AHL right now. If the rebuild is real, and I hope that it is, then we all have to buy into it. Lock Stock and Barrell.

Any ufa's should be hard working defensive players and the first guy I would target would be Konowalchuk, a defensively sound LW that can play on any of the top lines. He also has the ability to pop in a few as advertised by his 19 goals this season. That is the type of player I want. A gritty hard working player that make life miserable for the opposing team.

I saw Bure brace for a hit that players take EVERY SHIFT, he would be a disruptive presence on the team in that manner alone.

Again, with anywhere between 9 and 13 surgeries on both knees he has no place on this team,

But that's just my opinion
The point that your missing is that if they don't bring back Bure then they sign another expensive UFA anyway. This way if his knee holds up he'll likely net 40. If it doesn't then more time for younger players. It's not him or Balej. Your going to get a vet anyway. This way you get a player who wants to be here, who could be great - but if not then more ice time for the kids.

Just like Theofan said win-win

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