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05-16-2008, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by sbtatter View Post
Well, it does mean more than squat, because that's what they've done, playing against the same teams in the same league.
Bringing Locke into the comparison of White vs Maxwell, means squat, because he played in a way different junior league, and he doesn't even compare in terms of size and play.
I think the biggest question mark for Maxwell is his injuries. Besides that, despite all those numbers, I see Maxwell as being more able to bring his game to another level with much better players than what White can do. As you might know already, I'm not the greatest fan of White for various reasons. Not for what he has done in Juniors but I'M just trying to project the level of play he can bring in the NHL and I'm not convinced. Ready to eat some crow though. Maxwell seems to be the kind of guy that feeds his energy from the guys he plays with. White is already an initiator. And that's a great point for White. Though with that in mind, chances are Maxwell's ceiling seemed to be much higher than Whitey. No wonder why we keep saying, despite the number that you gave us, that Maxwell's place is definatley centering the 1st or 2nd line, while White might challenge Chipchura's for a 3rd line spot, if he makes it as a center.

I just don't see White's offensive game translating in the bigs. I just don't. Waiting to be wrong though.

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