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05-16-2008, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by sbtatter View Post
Just wanted to clarify how many league games you have seen both these guys play live, in person?
And if Maxwell ends up being your first or second line centre, oh boy, Montreal are going to be a sad team!!
They both have to develop a lot this season, White needs to work on speed and his temper, Maxwell to be more physical, consistent and try and stop being injured so much.
Just so you guys know, neither prospect are as good as 16 year old Schenn
In games? None live, of course I live in Montreal and my job is not being a scout. Did see them live in all the development camps and rookie camps they've been in for the Habs, every single day for the duration of those camps. If we should wait for opinions of guys that saw the prospects in person, we would have to close this board....And by the way, Sabres fire most of their scouts and will mostly use videos to have a judgment on the kids. If an NHL team can do that, pretty sure some armchair scouts could do it as well. It's just that though. An opinion of a fan.

As far as Maxwell a first or second line, well he has no choice. Just don't see him as in the role of a 3rd line centerman.

So, again, I really hope I'm wrong 'cause we never have enough good prospects. But I choose to say what I think even if it may not be the most safest thing to say. 'Cause it's easier to say that Oliver Fortier will never be a goalscorer than to have some doubts on a guy like White who had a tremendous junior career....

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