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Originally Posted by Coldshot View Post
Kovalev: Speed, strength, size, and the best pair of hands I've ever seen. He played his best hockey in 94, and his only down point in that post season was early on in the series against the Devils. After he won the cup, it seemed like he did everything he had set out to do, and was happy with just that.

Kamensky: Even though he was aging, I thought he could still score 25-30 goals with the time he was going to get here. He was absolutely brutal to watch in NY.

Fleury: He played the best hockey of possibly his career in 2001. He was leading the league in points by a wide margin over Joe Sakic for about 2 or 3 months, and then his play slipped off and he went into rehab. I thought he could come back and rebound having a big center like Lindros, and a speedy playmaker in York on the other wing, but he was just never the same.

Verbeek: And this one isn't about his playing, but more of the dissapointment of him scoring 40 goals, and the Rangers not being back the next season. He could have been a HUGE help against Philly in the ECF in 97. Even in the two prior series, we could have won those earlier and had more time for the players who were playing hurt to rest.
The 97 offseason: Lowballing Messier while trying to buy Sakic into a Ranger uniform. Man, how crazy would that have been having Sakic and Gretzky as our top 2 centers...

Holik: Overpaid, injured (03), and misused in general throughout his 2 year stay in New York.

Oh yeah, and finally...

Sitting through missing the playoffs by a hair for 7 years instead of tanking and developing a team for the future. Very entertaining...

He was Sather's 2nd choice, and a bad one at that.

The funny part was that Pittsburgh rejected the Rangers' offer for Jagr, (the same offer Philly took for Lindros - Hlavac, Brendl, Johnsson) in favor of that pile flaming of ******* they got in return from Washington.

I much rather would have gotten Jagr, and was hoping we did so at the time. When I found out that we got Lindros, I tried to be optimistic as possible, but after seeing Rob Blake resigned the morning of July 1st, I knew our defensive options were screwed.

i'm glad this was brought up because i felt the same way about him that i did about zubov being traded. why?

i mean, there was a period there where it seemed like smith was shuffling the deck just to shuffle. not to neccesarily say that he wasn't trying to improve the team from his p.o.v. but he scarcely allowed players time to settle in with the team comfortably. and also his ego seemed too many times to say "hey media, look at me! i made a move! make sure that everybody knows it!"

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