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05-16-2008, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by NYRSinceBirth View Post
Interval training (HIIT) is even more so appropriate for hockey. Figure, if your on a bike, elliptical, even treadmill, dead on sprint/high resistance for 45-60 seconds then a 2 minute break. Very similar to most hockey game situations, 45-60 seconds on, about 2/2.5 minutes off. Not to mention HIIT training is MUCH more forgiving on muscle mass while STILL burning fat: Just look at long distance runners in relation to sprinters, for a crude example. Runners (endurance, long distance and time) are typically very skinny with little mass, but can run for days and have equally little fat. Sprinters, the good ones at least, have some serious muscle mass and low body fat. Why? Because their training (They focus on short distance performance) allows them to build up muscle while still burning fat, unlike the long distance runners who's bodies make it difficult to build muscle mass (As result of their training).
While I agree, there is never a time in a hockey game where you're sprinting down the ice for 45-60 seconds straight. At most you may do a 5-10 second sprint one way and then another one back. The rest of the time you pretty much have much more controlled or slower paced movement. Either way a 30 second sprint on the bike I think is a great way to start. I don't think most people who aren't in great shape can pull of 30 second sprints on a bike more than a few times.

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