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05-16-2008, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Nich View Post
i think you mean even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again...and really i can name 500 players and it would impossible for one or two of them not to be decent suggestions.

and i still think this is a bad suggestion.

tuts, staal, girardi, backman is who we have. bring up hutch, add smith and a true 1st pairing d man, and we are set....add more pp with hutch, add more grit with smith, and more veteran leadership, and then a true #1 and we are already more solid back there
You make that seem so simple. First of all, since when has Hutchinson proved he is an NHL defenseman. Sauer is absolutely better than Hutchinson. Secondly, since when did Jason Smith say he wanted to be a Ranger? Why do we even want him. The last 2 years we were knocked out of the playoffs because our defense wasn't fast enough. Now we want to add Smith? Finally, you're right, all we need is a true #1. And where do you suggest we get that? This is like a thread on the Devils board saying "All we need is to call Bergfors up, sign Marian Hossa and trade for a #1 center and we're set!" We got spoiled last year with Gomez and Drury. Not every single UFA wants to be a Ranger. I think jOrts makes a ton of dumb remarks, but at least he has a basis for what he is saying some of the time. How many of you have actually seen Kurt Sauer play? I find it pretty ironic that people will mock what he suggests when other people are making just as ridiculous of suggestions. Last year there was a Bring back Dale Purinton thread with tons of supporters

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