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05-16-2008, 08:00 PM
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Jerry did the original paint on my Von Veldon. It was "Double Eagle" much like the Belfore eagle from back in the day. Also, from Simmons. Very nice work, for sure. The chin eagle on the second paint was patterned after Jerry's work, minus the sunburst pattern that radiated across the chin. I believe Total Mask Design stopped at about the same time that Von Veldon had stopped making masks, 2001 or 2 I think. This is also the same time that Simmons stopped stocking Von Veldon. they just might have a few old customs by Von Veldon and painted by Jerry kicking around the shop.

The one thing I encountered with a stock "custom" paint is that they chip VERY easy. The painst seem to be laid up in thicker layers or something. IF your going to get a "custom" you might as well have it painted to your specs ather than get one pre-painted off the shelf. I believe you would get a more durable product.

Eyecandy does some great work but they came in with a quote near the top of list.

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