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05-24-2004, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Modano = Dud
Here are a few of my questions..

1) Who enjoyed a better rookie season? As in impact for both during the season and playoffs?
2) Who has the biggest weakness?
3) Compare the two at full potential using NHL players?
4) Would it be strange to prefer Loui? Would it have to involve bias picking Eriksson?

Thanks in advance for your help. It's a good discussion..
1) Definitely Loui Eriksson. Steen only played half the games during his rookie season, but on the other hand he was 1 year younger than Eriksson when he entered the SEL.

2) Oh, very tough question as both don't have a major weakness. One could pick several things probably, I'd say Steen because he is not as willing to take the shot, but then again.. that isn't always a weakness.

3) I don't like comparing players really, and when I do it usually to Swedish NHLers. So, Loui Eriksson - a mix of Daniel Alfredsson, Mikael Renberg. Steen - a more physical Henrik Zetterberg. Rather bold predictions, but if they reach their full potential they can both certainly become very good second line players and perhaps even first line players.

4) Not at all, they are very close IMO. One year ago it would have been, but Eriksson made huge strides this season and has emerged as a top prospect - still very underrated on these boards IMO.

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