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05-16-2008, 10:18 PM
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*** not translated word for word, cuz that would sound like garbage. hey, i majored in journalism too Quotes remain the same, except to clear up grammatical errors that would occur from direct translation.

Quebec City must get its team back: Jim Balsillie

Jim Balsille has become one of Canada's biggest hockey promoters -- a title he likely wishes he didn't have.

Balsillie would probably prefer to be the owner of, say, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Nashville Predators, or Buffalo Sabres. The millionaire has made headlines with his trio of unsuccessful bids to purchase and move a team to Hamilton, Ont.

Balsillie is making waves again, this time at the World Hockey Championship in Quebec, where he declared the city "must get its team back."

"Canada has to have at least one more team," said the founder of telecommunications giant Research in Motion.

"My idea is that Canada must have at least one more team. Canada could support it. There's interest, fans, whether I'm involved or not. It doesn't matter where, there must be one or two more teams."

Balsillie also believes Quebec City would have to build a new arena to house a Nordiques reincarnation.

"Yes, I can finance an arena," he added. "Canada is a wealthy country, people like hockey. The arena would be filled day after day."

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