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05-17-2008, 02:03 AM
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-Get a casino. This would pay easily pay for the arena.
-Lure the corporations that are buying private loges in Montreal. As far as public relations, there's no way they would say no to "supporting" another team in the same province. Quebec is a small 7 Million people society, it's like a village where people have the same customs, the same cutlure and language. When somebody act in the wrong way, he's gonna get his head smacked. So those corporations would have to buy private boxes in the new Quebec city arena too.
-Quebec city is not the same as it once was in th early 80s. Economy has grown and people would be able to spend for season tickets much more than in the past.
-the TV rights would have to go to TVA. The wealthiest network in Quebec. Since Quebecor took over that channel, there has been a huge surge in sport-related shows on that network. The only reason they don't have hockey is that these guys are high rollers and they would be only interested in the NHL. Only, the Habs are RDS-exclusive. I'm pretty sure they would interested in getting the rights to another Quebec NHL team, the Nordiques.
-After all this is achieved then it would only take an owner to spend 130 million for a team transfer. Then again for this to be safer for the new owner, there could be two or three sources to join together, each giving out their money for it. Like a mini-consortium. Say Tanguay, Red Bull and Belgium beer company Labatt put together 130 Million, even getting a little help from the FTQ. It becomes then a little risk.
-Last option, with the Nordiques Casino, even after the arena would be paid, it could still continue on, so it would be even more enticing to the new owners.

Sure the public in Quebec(and Canada) are never interested in themselves buying a new arena. But with a Casino it becomes something else entirely.

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