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05-17-2008, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Rayne View Post
To be fair, he's a Leaf. He hasn't seen the postseason since the dead puck era.
It doesn't change the fact that his post-season's are best known for stupid, costly penalties and cheap shots, not for leadership and points.

When you think Darcy Tucker in the playoffs, you think of his cheap, dangerous low-bridge hit on Mike Peca.

The guy simply doesn't produce when it matters and is a very selfish player in terms of penalties.

He absorbs a legal hit, then spends the rest of the game trying to even the score, even if that means abandoning his defensive responsibilities, leaving his wing, etc.

There's no room on this team for a player as selfish and as out of control as Darcy Tucker is.

I believe he could have been a solid playoff performer, but for many years, under Pat Quinn, the Maple Leaf players played with no accountability. Selfish penalites were never punished on that team. Instead, Quinn would rail against the referees. Post game press conferences were always about how the refs had screwed the Leafs when it was obvious he had several players making stupid undisciplined plays. I think Tucker started to believe his coach, instead, Quinn should have nailed his ass to the bench and explained that the team came first and personal agenda a distant distant second.

But none of that explains away how he simply stops scoring in the crunch.

I don't want this guy anywhere near the team.

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