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05-17-2008, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by le_sean View Post
41 games

It's tough to gauge if this would work. Yes a lot of people love hockey there, but how many are still bitter about the team leaving in the first place? How many became Habs fans and would switch back? How many would accept an English-speaking owner (yes it sounds stupid but this is Quebec)?

Another big problem is TV rights. Who is going to pick up all the Quebec games? Will they have them on PPV like the Sens and Canucks? RDS surely won't carry two teams, especially rivals. If you can watch 82 Habs games for free on RDS who will actually pay to see this new team on PPV?

Merchandise is a problem too. Who outside of Quebec City will buy anything related to this team? Remember, this is a relatively small market compared to a lot of teams out there.

Sure you can be passionate about owning a team, but from a business standpoint I don't see how it would work as well as he thinks it will.
TV Rights, RDS might try to get the rights and air the games on RIS? Or how about SRC or TQS? It's a new team, any number of these stations would jump at the chance to add this to their programming.

Merchandise... Give me a break, obviously Quebec City is a small market but I can just about guarantee you a much larger % of the population will actually care about its hockey franchise then down in Tampa, Florida, Pheonix, etc. Not to mention it gives Quebecers another option besides the Habs. There is also Eastern Canada that would obviously get its share of followers to the team as well.

With the current CBA, a hockey team in Quebec is going to be a better business then having a team in another southern United States venue (who else is sick of seeing Palm tree's with hockey? I am).

Quebec City FTW!

PS: The Nords averaged a 95% attendence record in their franchise history.. How many teams in the NHL today can boast about that kind of statistic? Not as many as we think. Quebec City would be a top 15 team in attendence GUARANTEED.

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