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05-17-2008, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Slick, we've been mediocre for the 8 years before he got here. I'll be the first in line to say we needed a new coach, but he's been a good GM.

I just don't think Martin is going to be bitter as some have suggested and pick some guy that will drive the organization into the ground. His name is attached to whomever comes in to coach. Why would he not want the best guy out there to come in here. I just can't figure out why he'd want anything less.
I never said he would try to fail on purpose or intentionally pick someone who will drive this organization into the ground. He will make what he thinks is the right decision but I just do not have any confidence that it will be the right one, a guy who failed at the job of coach should NOT pick the next coach. He was asked to step down as coach, he didn't volunteer that, so he was in plain terms fired from his coaching duties. But now he is in the position, with an extension to boot, to pick the guy who will try do what he couldn't do. Just seems odd to me. And yes we have been mediocre for years, much because we keep hiring GM's and coaches who are hired becasue of who they know and not what they bring to the table, moreso than any team in the league. I just hope that he has a real interview process and picks the best coach available, and just does not hire the buddy he has already been speaking with that is a clone of him and we just don't know about yet.

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