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05-24-2004, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
aside from goaltending, the Rangers are in need to draft every type of player and should get the best player available who's not a goalie. I would say the order of importance is size and scoring up front, size on the blueline, scoring from the blueline, but all are needed.

Jessiman going pro next season? Dom Moore on their top 5 (splitting time? He played 5 NHL games!)?

And addressing the blue line through the draft because deVries, Leetch and Mironov are gone seems to be an odd statement since it doesn't take into consideration of what's already in the farm.

So many media outlets, so countless is the lack of knowledge concerning most teams.

I think a lot of people here seem to pump our defensive prospects too much. We really do need everything except goaltending. I still hold that we should use as many as 3 seconds (unless a great deal came), as well as guys like Poti or Lundmark to try and move up in the draft. If we can have two top 8 picks then we could potentially land two core players. Without seeing who's left I'd look at a d-man and a forward. Ideally we walk away with Olesz, and Thelen but we'll see. I'd LOVE to add a possible top line forward, and possible top pairing d-man. With a couple seconds we could land another solid defenseman or two... who know? Maybe we could steal another Tyutin. The next two drafts are going to be our low point so the time is now for us to build a future. We won't have this many picks again any time soon. The way I see it we have two drafts to land our top players for the next ten or so years.

We have our 3rd and 4th liner. We have our 3rd pairing d-men. A guy like Baranka or Liffiton could be top 4, but you don't know yet. I feel Pock could be a solid #4 guy. That leaves us Tyutin as our #2 d-man, and Pock as a #4 which means we need a #1 and #3.

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