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05-18-2008, 10:12 AM
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I was lucky enough to snag some Memorial Cup tickets in the lottery last fall. So far the investment has been worth it

Clearly there is not much to separate any of these teams. I would not be surprised to see a tie break game needed

Gatineau played a good game but needs to get more shots on Unice. He is a good but not great goalie. That first game was quite physical. Those guys are really rocking the boards

Great game by Mior I thought. Started a bit slow though

In the Spoke Bulls game I too wondered out loud why the faceoff was held in the Bulls end after the clock quit. Was there something else called? Shoulda been a faceoff at centre-ice I thought

Best play of the games: AJ Perry steal on the puck, slick dangle and shovel off to Tanaka for what looked to be the winner

Kind tough for Murphy to make a save buried under a forward.

Today's contest will be tough. There will be blood . . . errrr at least a fight or two.

Great start for what looks to be a very balanced group of teams

Originally Posted by Benzaza View Post
pk's smoothness and quick sharp passes are pretty nice to look at..... not even mentionning his skating wow

I didnt see any action of him since rookie's camp

really sucks he cant make the AHL team next year due to this age?

can he?

goal!!!! belleville 3-3
Subban just turned 19 so it will be the Habs or Bulls next year. No chance at AHL due to age

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
The good and the bad of PK. Seemed by the Sportsnet guys that he didn't have a great OHL finals despite finishing first in points for D-Men. Still, he had a really ordinary 1st, a superb 2nd, and a real bad 3rd. Didn't watch the OT so have no idea how it turned out....I was recording the game, didn't bet that it would finish after 7....
Anybody back on the Mitch Wahl bandwagon? Definately not for the 1st round, but despite some non-fluid skating, despite him not being that gritty, the guy just gets the job done and for a rookie is impressive. His hockey sense and vision are pretty good. Helps though playing with Bowman. Kinda of disappear in the 2nd though.

Rest of eligible prospects weren't too noticeable though Lalonde had some great and some really bad moments. Like him but not that much. Couldn't care less if we pick him or not. Was expecting Johnston from Belleville, but we got the diminutive Johnson from Spokane. Small but always in the play with tons of speed to go with that. Reminded me of Nigel Dawes at some point.

Good tournament so far. But another one where we can't expect a Habs prospect to shine that much...

Question, minus Price, when was the last prospect that actually shined in a tournament, junior or anything else? Perezhogin? And who else? We didn't get too much luck with that.....

I know that Murphy gets the job done in Juniors but reflexes alone won't cut it in higher levels. I wouldn't mind given him a shot and see how he improves, but I'M not expecting him to do his magic like that in higher leagues.

For the record, don't want Tokarski either.
I agree on Tokarski, but you are off base on Murphy I think

The kid has the knack of making that big save with the toe or the glove. Not to mention he is still so very young. I can see the kid being a really good pro prospect

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