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05-18-2008, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by CTHabsfan View Post
If it were not for the French factor, I wouldn't mind seeing a team in Quebec City. The problem with having Quebec around was that the two teams always had to "out French" each other. Other teams knew that they could get more when trading a French player by getting the Habs and Nodicks bid against each other. There was also considerable pressure to draft a kid based on his being Quebecois, rather than being the best player available. Remember last years' draft with Angelo Esposito and the crap that the Canadiens took for not drafting him? Imagine if he were French and there was another team in the province?

Ten days 'til the beer festival at Windsor Station!
Well, that other team in the Province would look quite foolish today seeing as Esposito isnt even a shoe in to make it to the NHL.

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