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05-18-2008, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by David View Post
Au contraire, mon frere!

I disagree completely with this statement that the players and the coach have done their jobs.

They folded like cheap suitcases in the playoffs when it mattered and refused to play the self sacrificing hockey that wins playoffs!

The coach has improved a lot but he was so badly out coached in some games and refuses to acknowledge his mistakes and let's his personal squabbles dictate his choices instead of making the decision that is best for the team (one case in point is Michael Ryder for the final games).

It means nothing to win the President's Trophy if you can't win the Cup. Just ask the Detroit Red Wings and Stevie Y. This means jack!

Until CH can go deep into the playoffs and finally brings home the Cup, this entire team is a disappointment and have not accomplished their goal.
There's a reason why they say POs have nothing to do with the Reg Season.
The players and coaches didnt fold like cheap suitcases as you put it.

The coach and players have improved greatly, mistakes will always happen. Even Gretzky/Lemieux did mistakes during their glory years this doesn't mean they didn't play well.
Carbo got outcoached by who exactly??..Stevens?? that why we finished with more shots on Biron, and more importantly more SCORING CHANCES?..Is it also Carbo's fault we hit about 2000000 posts during that serie?
Michael Ryder?..are you seriously bitter about that??...plz man..tell me you're joking. He was horrible during all season, and during the few games he played on in the POs. And like i said, its not like we were outplayed by the Flyers, we played much better than them, it just seems every bounces went their way during that serie.
If Price played the same way he did vs the Bruins, we're the ones playing the Penguins.

By the way, we didn't win the President's trophy, Detroit did.

Your last paragraph really shows sums up how dumb your post is.
A team that is expected to finish close to last in the league but ends up 1st in East and is eliminated in 2nd round(even after dominating the other team) is a real disappointment thats true.

Get lost.

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