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to play devil's advocate, i don't think rod gilbert was the greatest ranger ever. i don't even think he was the greatest ranger right wing ever.

gilbert played his entire career with the rangers - 1065 games, scored 406 goals and 625 assists
bill cook played his entire career with the rangers (1926-1937) - 474 games, scored 229 goals and 138 assists. keep in mind this was when only one assist was awarded per goal. if we double his assists for comparison's sake (probably a conservative estimate), we get the following:

gilbert .38 goals/game, .96 points/game
cook .48 goals/game, 1.07 points/game

plus cook had two scoring championships and two stanley cups. gilbert had none of either.

i know that they're from different eras, but like i said, just playing devils advocate. and some of the old time rangers deserve their due.

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